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Now that he is free, what is next for Rod Blagojevich?

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The former Illinois governor has not said much about his plans for the future...but one political science professor says a run for public office is highly unlikely.

Rod Blagojevich was asked what he had planned for his future while at the Denver airport on Tuesday, on his way back home after being released from a federal prison in Colorado. After seeing his family, he wanted something sweet.

"I'd like to have a banana split and I'd like to have three scoops of ice cream, vanilla, and chocolate, and strawberry with chocolate syrup on it," said Blagojevich on Tuesday.

Long term. he wants to take on the criminal justice system.

"I'm going to fight against the corrupt criminal justice system that all too often persecutes and prosecutes people who did nothing wrong, who over sentenced people, who show no mercy, and who are in no positions that have no accountability, they can do and say whatever they want," he added.

But what is available to the convicted former governor when it comes to his professional life? Blagojevich's felony conviction for trying to sell Barack Obama's senate seat bars him from statewide office.

"He's get no political future in Illinois," said Chris Mooney professor of state politics at University of Illinois at Chicago. He adds a run for federal office is possible but unlikely.

"When he was governor, we have him on tape going I'm so bored, being Governor sucks, how come I had to stay and be governor, what is he going to think being in the house of no he has no future in terms of running for political office," said Mooney.

Mooney says he expects Blagojevich will likely up end making money off appearances.

"He has potentially...a future is on the speaking circuit, one place he might make some money is becoming a surrogate, going around the country singing the praises of Trump."

Andy Weber

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