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Nevada Caucus: One Day To Go

NBC News

(NBC News) -- Nevada voters head to the polls Saturday.

Close to 80,000 thousand Nevadans have already cast ballots in early voting, but it hasn't been without some confusion.

Some of the paper ballots were voided because they were improperly filled out or incomplete.  Those voters will be allowed to participate in the process Saturday.

Analysts aren't so sure the Nevada vote will help to clear up the crowded race for the Democratic nomination.

"We still have six, maybe even seven viable candidates that are well financed and I'm not so sure that coming out of Nevada that we are going to see any of them get out of the race which complicates the picture," says Democratic strategist Fernand Amandi.

That raises the stakes in South Carolina's primary next weekend, and the Super Tuesday contests, now less than two weeks away.

25 News Staff

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