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Illinois lawmaker tables gas pump bill

SPRINGFIELD (WREX) — The lawmaker who proposed a bill which would have banned drivers from pumping their own gas in Illinois has tabled the bill.

Rep. Camille Lilly, D - Oak Park, introduced House Bill 4571 at the beginning of the month.

If passed into law, drivers in Illinois would have had to wait for an attendant to pump their gas.

Here was the synopsis of the bill as proposed:

"Creates the Gas Station Attendant Act. Provides that no gas may be pumped at a gas station in this State unless it is pumped by a gas station attendant employed at the gas station."

After receiving feedback on the proposal, Rep. Lilly offered the following statement on Feb. 11.

"House Bill 4571 is concept legislation to create safety and convenience at the pump. House Bill 4571 is not intended to pass as is. The intention of this bill is to give consumers the option to be serviced by a gas station attendant, in addition to the self-service option currently used. House Bill 4571 could potentially create jobs that impact the local economy. The input we receive is very valuable to help shape House Bill 4571 into legislation the people of Illinois desire."

Rep. Camille Lilly

A little more than a week after the bill was proposed, Rep. Lilly filed a motion to table the bill. The motion passed and the bill was tabled on Tuesday, Feb. 18.

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