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You Gotta Eat: Lucky Dog’s Pub & Eatery

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Lucky Dogs out in Chillicothe has a lot to offer. First things first, the crowd this place drew in throughout a regular day is impressive in and of itself.

And it seems there's a reason for the popularity. For regular customers coming back every week like Matt Blair, he says it's not only the food that keeps him coming back, but the family feel he gets when he sits down.

"The waitresses know everybody's name,” Blair said. “She brought my tea in a to go cup because she knows that I take it with me, so it's just a small town feel."

But speaking of food, what's the secret to getting the sheer amount of loyal customers to keep coming back? Well a lot of people talked about their tenderloin, something Lucky Dog is known for. But there was also another popular option.

The prime rib burger. Standing at a whopping 4 inches tall with a half pound burger and a third pound of prime rib on it. Topped with some grill mushrooms and onions on it and some cheese. I was told this bad boy was nicknamed, “the afternoon killer”.

Make sure if you get this big guy, you grab extra napkins!

For the side I went for the house potato salad. Truthfully, one spoonful of that was not enough.

At the end of the meal, the bill was fair and reasonably priced, just $15.16.

Luke Burdsall

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