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Coyote sightings caught on camera

Coyote 1

PEORIA (WEEK) - Many Central Illinois residents have reported seeing coyotes running in their neighborhoods.

A coyote was caught on video from a ring doorbell camera at an East Peoria home.

Some residents are concerned after a coyote was captured in Chicago after biting a child. However, Becky Spencer, director of Peoria County Animal Protection Services, said people shouldn't get too worried because coyotes are likely to be more afraid of humans than humans are afraid of them.

"Coyotes have a natural sense of being fearful of people," said Spencer.

"So if you add a little bit of noise, making yourself bigger by putting your hands in the air, then it guides them back to some of those natural behaviors, being fearful of people," Spencer added.

Coyotes are not inherently dangerous, according to Spencer. However, she urges people who do feel threatened to call Peoria County Animal Protection Services.

Howard Packowitz

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