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Heart specialists warn of risks when shoveling snow


(WEEK) -- Snow means shoveling, which can be a workout in itself, but heart health specialists recommend not do it if you aren't used to physical activity.

They say a strenuous activity can trigger heart attacks and the cold, and wet heavy snow, adds to the factors.

Professionals at OSF St. Francis Medical Center say that they always see patients coming in for hear related issues when the area sees lots of snow.

If you feel any pain, you should stop.

"You really don't want to be out in that kind of weather if you're not used to being out in that weather and not used to physical activity. It's a dangerous position to put yourself in that you don't really need to," said Delmar Smith, director of cardiovascular services at OSF St. Francis Medical Center.

Delmar Smith says heart attacks don't discriminate. Whether you are young or old, being mindful of overworking your heart is important.

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