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Understanding your ballot

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Mail-in ballots have been sent out and early voting has started.

The Peoria Election Commission wants to make sure you understand the ballot you'll see in front of you.

Since this is the primary, you'll be asked if you'd like a Republican, Democrat, or Non-Partisan ballot.

This will determine which of three ballots you could see.

Let's start with the non-partisan ballot.

This one doesn't require you to side with a political party.

It only includes questions that deal with city issues.

For example, Dunlap residents are voting on whether to create a new tax to help fund the fire protection district.

Moving onto the political party ballots.

There are some differences.

"I think people forget that in Illinois we actually vote directly for the delegates for the presidential. You'll have the presidents race. You'll have the United States senate race and congressional race. You also vote for delegates," said Peoria Election Commission's Executive Director, Thomas Bride.

The winning delegates will head to the party's national convention.

The number of delegates you get to vote for goes by precinct.

"Depending on the congressional district you may be voting for three, four, or five. You'll see a name but behind it you'll see the candidate who they're supporting. It'll have the president name behind it." explained Bride.

The Election Commission wants to remind folks that for any race of any level, if there is only one candidate and you don't support them, you can leave it blank.

If you have any questions on your ballot before election day make sure to get a hold of the election commission.

On voting day there are election judges on stand-by to help you.

Alex Menke

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