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Several administrative changes planned for Bloomington Public Schools


BLOOMINGTON (WEEK) - The next school year will bring several changes in top administrative positions in Bloomington Public Schools.

District 87 Superintendent Barry Reilly is recommending the school board fill seven positions, all of them promotions from other jobs within the district. The board is expected to take final action on the appointments at the Feb. 12 meeting.

Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources:

Sherrilyn Thomas

Bloomington Junior High School Principal Sherrilyn Thomas is Reilly's choice to become Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, to replace retiring Assistant HR Superintendent Herschel Hannah. Thomas has been BJHS principal since 2012.

Principal of Bloomington Junior High School:

Amanda Jarvis

Amanda Jarvis is being promoted from her current position as associate principal at Bloomington High School. Jarvis has served in that capacity since 2012.

Assistant Director of Special Education:

Katy Hansen

Katy Hansen is expected to become the district's first associate director for Special Education. Hansen has been Stevenson Elementary School's principal since 2014, and used to be a special education teacher for students with emotional disabilities.

Principal of Stevenson Elementary School:

Lynn Shook

Lynn Shook is expected to replace Hansen as Stevenson's principal. Shook has been assistant principal at BJHS since 2013.

Assistant Principal at Bloomington Junior High School:

Jen McGowan

Jen McGowan is being promoted to BJHS assistant principal from her current job as Sheridan Elementary School principal. McGowan has been Sheridan's principal since 2013.

Principal of Sheridan Elementary School:

Danel Behrends-Harr

Danel Behrends-Harr is being promoted to principal at Sheridan Elementary School. She's been principal at Sarah E. Raymond School of Early Childhood since 2007. Her husband, Matt Harr, is principal of Unit 5's Northpoint Elementary School in Bloomington.

Principal of Bent Elementary School:

Guillermina Delgado

Guillermina Delgado is the pick to become principal at Bent Elementary School, replacing Jeff Geringer, who is retiring. Delgado has been a bilingual teacher at Bent since 2006.

District 87 is conducting a search to fill the vacant posts of Associate Principal at Bloomington High School and Principal at Sarah Raymond School of Early Childhood Education.

Howard Packowitz

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