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Local woman combines pot, art for ‘Puff N Paint’

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PEORIA (WEEK) -- A woman in Peoria has taken a pot-related twist on painting.

The creator of Puff N Paint Peoria, who wanted to remain anonymous, told 25 News reporter Stephanie Rodriguez that she has been working on this project for months.

"I was thinking about the sip and paint stuff and thought 'I'm really not a drinker, never have been, there are other people like that too, why not smoke and paint'," she said. "Bring your marijuana and I'll teach you how to paint."

She even began teaching herself how to paint.

"I've painted so few times and every time I have painted it's just been like stick figures and just terrible stuff so I learned a lot about techniques, different types of paint, different brush strokes," she explained.

Every amateur artist must have a valid ID and sign a waiver before puffing and painting.

"All the IDs are checked at the doorway we have to make sure that you're 21 or over. You can bring your own weed we don't provide anything. As long everybody understands that we're all adults, don't act crazy, you shouldn't be driving afterward," she said.

Following the laws when it comes to the use of recreational marijuana is also expected.

"You can't have a pound of weed when you come through the door. It's legal because it's in a private residence. You can't smoke in a public setting. As long as you're not providing any type of marijuana than everything is legal," she said.

She began sessions once pot became legal on Jan. 1 and said it has been like a dream come true.

"I've always wanted to help other people and I feel like I'm providing a safe and fun environment for adults in the Peoria area. It just really means a lot to me that people want to pay me their hard-earned money to come here and enjoy a great time," she said.

Peoria County Sheriff Brian Asbell said that Puff n Paint falls into a gray area but does not appear to be breaking any laws though he cautioned participants to not drive under the influence.

Stephanie Rodriguez

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