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Bloomington PD replacing, adding outdoor public cameras

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BLOOMINGTON (WEEK) – In evidence gathering, Bloomington police say there’s one thing that’s brought them evidence in 29 shootings, four stabbings, seven robberies and even a homicide conviction.

Meet the public safety camera.

Police posted on Facebook to let people know they’re replacing old cameras as well as adding more.

Right now, they have eight cameras that are clearly marked, as well as two more that are able to be deployed for large events or in a rapid response situation.

First implemented in 2013, the cameras can be programmed so they don’t record someone’s home life.

“So even if we moved the cameras, those dynamically marked cameras will not record in those locations,” said Police Chief Dan Donath. “But, otherwise, the cameras are publicly visible.”

“We marked them with our names on them so people know that they’re there. There’s no secrets about them. We want this to be very transparent to the public.”

Donath said they want to upgrade older units and add five to seven more public safety cameras each year, with locations driven by crime statistics.

At this point, police don’t need any additional funding from the city.

Jason Howell

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