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Illinois Cancer Care volunteers take your mind off treatment

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No one wants to spend their day sitting through a session of Chemotherapy.
Illinois Cancer Care volunteers understand that.

If it's Thursday, JoAnne Woiwode is at Illinois Cancer Care with Group B.
For the past seven years she's been making patient treatments a bit easier.

"I think what we try to do is treat the whole person. You come in here you have a terrible diagnoses. You're scared. We have professionals to meet your medical needs, people to register you, people to hook you up with chemo. What the volunteers try to do is reach the person, the scared person," said Woiwode.

JoAnne beat breast cancer herself and she doesn't hold back her tips and tricks.

"I'm very willing to do that. I didn't have that. Nobody paved the way for me. Everything I did was new," said Woiwode.

With each snack comes a connection.

"She's a great inspiration, she's a great joy, She's a beaming personality. We need more people like her to volunteer just like she's doing," said one of her patients.

JoAnne told us a lot of the patients become friends.
As a volunteer she has to be ready for any outcome.

"You make a decision that this is something you can offer. Along with that is happy moments. There are a lot more people that end up happy. We celebrate the wins and mourn the losses. That's just the way it is," said Woiwode.

Patients agreed, JoAnne makes chemo a bit easier.

She'll make you forget why you are sitting in that chair.

Want to volunteer? Take a look here!

Alex Menke

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