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Gun dealers react to new Illinois regulations at Peoria Gun and Knife Show


Dealers from across the state set up shop at the Peoria Gun and Knife Show, bringing thousands to the Expo Gardens.

One gun and ammo store owner said their industry has been hit hard by new Illinois regulations then went into effect on January 17th.

The Firearm Dealer License Certification Act applies to any business that leases, sells or trades firearms.

It adds a layer of certification, forcing gun dealers to not only have a federal license but to also have a certification from the state of Illinois.

"Unfortunately the new laws they think are going to straighten out the problems in the northern part of the state with illegal guns and getting the guns off the street, the problems not really the guns, the problem is the crime." said Ralph Zancha from Zancha's Guns and Ammo

In addition to state certification, the business must keep certain records electronically, have secure gun storage, and by 2021 have a specific security camera system.

Click here for the Illinois State Police’s answers to frequently asked questions about the law.

Kaitlin Pearson

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