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Friday wintry weather snarls flights

(WEEK) – Peoria, Bloomington and Chicago airports are currently experiencing cancellation and delays because of the weather.

As of around 9 p.m., flights from Dallas, Cedar Rapids, Minneapolis and Chicago have either been cancelled or diverted, according to the Peoria International Airport website.

A spokesperson said late Friday that four flights in or out of Peoria had been cancelled, with two more expected in on arrival during the evening, though one had to be diverted as a result of the ice.

Crews are out working to combat the ice, that spokesperson said.

Flights from Dallas and Chicago have been canceled at Central Illinois Regional, with a flight from Atlanta being delayed, according to Flightaware.

Chicago O’Hare is also being affected by the weather, with some arriving flights being delayed on an average of nearly 10 hours according to the FAA. Gate holds and taxi delays are between one hour and 16 minutes and one hour and 30 minutes, and increasing.

More than 690 flights have been canceled at O'Hare.

Snow will change to some freezing rain and sleet later this evening then change to rain after midnight. Temperatures will fall into the teens Saturday afternoon.

Jason Howell

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