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Suspect located by K-9 officer after police car chase

Brown, Marcellus

PEORIA (WEEK) -- Following an alleged home invasion and police-car chase, a 20-year-old man is now facing a slew of traffic charges in Peoria.

Marcellus Brown was arrested January 10 and is possibly facing at least 26 traffic charges and several other criminal charges in Peoria County.

Officers were called to the 1500 block at about 4:20 a.m. January 10 for reports of a home invasion

The victim told police four males armed with guns broke into the home and stole items, including a cellphone, then fled in his vehicle, Peoria Police Department spokesperson Amy Dotson said.

The stolen vehicle was then observed by officers in the area, ensuing in a chase.

During the pursuit, Brown allegedly drove head on into the path of a responding officer, but the officer was able to evade, Dotson said.

Brown stopped and exited the vehicle in the area of Arcadia and Knoxville and was located by a Peoria County Sheriff's Office K-9 officer under a porch in the 200 block of East Archer.

25 News Staff

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