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The science behind last weekend’s weather

(WEEK) – During the day on Friday, it was hard to believe that winter weather was heading our way in just 24 hours as temperatures felt more like spring than winter as highs were in the mid-50s.

These temperatures supported the rain that moved in later that evening.

Rain showers continued through the overnight on Friday, until temperatures dropped on Saturday.

As Saturday progressed, freezing rain made its way in as the atmosphere cooled down. This occurred due to rain falling.

Bu right before the rain hit the surface the air temperature dropped to below freezing, and instantly freezes after it makes contact with the ground.

Not long after the freezing rain was reported, sleet made its way into the region as well. As temps in the upper atmosphere continued to drop, falling precipitation partially refreeze into ice crystals.

As if we did not see enough winter weather already – finally, by late afternoon, the atmosphere was able to support snow just in time for the second round of weather to make its way in.

When freezing rain and sleet were falling, we were actually experiencing a break before the snow due to the weather system separating into two.

The first system that brought the heavy rain moved out and the snow crept in.

Even though the weather was ideal, we are lucky the atmosphere and the surface was warm, or else with all that precipitation we saw, we could have 20 inches of snow on the ground right now.


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