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Bloomington Public Works clearing debris to prevent flooding

BLOOMINGTON (WEEK) – Bloomington Public Works is preparing for the rain and snow by working to prevent flooding.

Director Jim Karch said they’re being proactive by clearing out debris and leaves that block city drains.

Sometimes before snow falls public works can brine the streets with salt, but because of the rain, they said that’s not necessary.

But workers will be on call as icy roads call for lots of salt.

Though today they’re clearing out those potential flood zones to make their job a little easier.

“We can use this equipment that we have that’s a vactor truck,” Karch said. “It has a hose o nit, we’ll go right up to it, go right over the inlet, being able to clear that inlet to make sure it has the best capacity possible.”

“So we have a list of those and we have an experienced crew that knows where those are at.”

Karch urges residents to not be out on the roads if they don’t have to and to be aware of the work crews are doing to make the roads safe for everyone.

Jason Howell

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