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You Gotta Eat: The Blacksmith

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WASHINGTON (WEEK) – If you’re looking for good food and a unique setting 25 News headed to the Blacksmith in Washington.

In 2020, they shifted their entire restaurant underground.

The incandescently lit space is met with a bar as its centerpiece.

And since it’s downstairs, it even features a dumbwaiter to bring meals down.

First-time customer Rob Miller said he wanted to “forge a new favorite place to come get a bite to eat.”

“It’s fantastic, very warm environment as soon as you walk in,” he said.

Co-owner Gary Heider said some of the customer favorites are the ones all locally sourced.

“The filet, the ribeye, the seafood, any of the seafood is excellent,” he said. “We get it out of Peoria, it comes fresh, twice a week.”

“I’m a fan of the chicken salad and I’m a fan of coleslaw a well,” Miller said. “They make it fresh – very few places do that.”

Well instead of all that, Luke went clubbin’ instead.

The club sandwich that is.

Look, there isn’t much better than that savory taste of fresh-off-the-grill bacon.

For the side, Luke took the coleslaw raved by Rob.

“It was simply outstanding!”


Bear in mind, no drinks were ordered. So sandwich and side equaled $9.77.

For newcomers like Rob, this may be the new go-to.

“I’m sorry I haven’t come here earlier, really,” he said.

So whether you’re coming in for the aesthetic or for lunch or dinner, next time you’re in Washington, stop by the Blacksmith.

Because You Gotta Eat.

The Blacksmith

101 Washington Square, in Washington.

Tuesday-Thursday 11-9 p.m.

Friday-Saturday 11-10 p.m.

Jason Howell

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