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Travelers can ditch extra pot in airport amnesty boxes

Cannabis Amnesty Boxes have made their debut in Chicago airports following the new legal cannabis laws.

NBC Chicago reports O'hare and Midway airports have both installed the large blue bins for fliers to ditch their pot before traveling.

Marijuana may be legal in the state, but federally it is still against the law and it's a measure officials say is meant to prevent folks from running into issues when they land at their destination.

You won't see the boxes at Peoria International Airport though, said Director Gene Olson Thursday morning.

He explained as of right now, it's not economically advantageous and added "the main reason is we don't think we should be taking a legally owned product away from our passengers."

Meanwhile in the Windy City, NBC Chicago reports "the boxes are owned by the Department of Aviation and serviced by the police. Police officers will regularly empty the boxes, file a report for the items inside and dispose of any surrendered marijuana like they would narcotics."

Lauren Melendez

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