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Some Tazewell residents receive multiple voter registration cards due to glitch


PEKIN (WEEK) -- In the midst of sending out new voter registration cards, some in Tazewell County may have received extras.

The Tazewell County Clerk's Office announced it has mailed out multiple cards to a "limited number of individuals" who are serviced by the Delavan, Hopedale and Goodfield post offices.

Tazewell County Clerk John Ackerman said in a press release Thursday the duplicates were a result of a printing glitch that multiplied a small batch of cards.

Residents alerted the clerk's office of the reprints on Monday.

"I apologize for this mistake and for the inconvenience to the citizens and waste of resources," said Ackerman. "Following our review of the process, I know this was not the result of a failure by my staff but rather a simple equipment malfunction."

The clerk's office said the print job was to have a savings of over $6,000 compared to previous years, but with the glitch, the savings has been adjusted to over $4,800.

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