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McLean County Libertarian Party seeking ‘accountability’ from Normal Police

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NORMAL (WEEK) -- The McLean County Libertarian Party is questioning the credibility of the Normal Police Department.

The party voted unanimously to create a resolution asking the Normal Police Department to address specific events that have occurred in the last few months according to Party Chair Steve Suess.

Suess said the arrest of a Normal police officer for allegedly stealing $12,000 during a 911 shows corruption within the department. That and a social media post--on NPD's Facebook page the party feels was "making light of the war on drugs"--have led them to ask the department for "accountability."

"We want an acknowledgment of 'hey we screwed up'," Suess said.

"After that, we want some sort of corrective course taken. What are you going to do to make sure it doesn't happen in the future? What are you going to do to make sure your officers are operating ethically and your communications team is communicating to the public in a way that's appropriate."

25 News reached out to Normal Police Chief Rick Bleicher for comment but he declined.

"Law enforcement have an incredibly hard job to do and we appreciate the job they do but when they make mistakes they should own up to it," Suess explained.

"In our opinion, we haven't seen the Normal Police own up to their mistakes in the last month and a half. We're just asking for a response. I think it's unfortunate that the police chief doesn't want to react to that."

The Facebook post the party is referring to is still on the department's page while the criminal investigation into the Normal Police officer who allegedly stole the money has been handed over to state police.

Stephanie Rodriguez

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