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Animal-tested cosmetic products banned in Illinois

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Illinois joins California and Nevada in imposing a statewide ban on cosmetics where animal testing was used.

The law was signed in August by Governor Pritzker and is now in effect for 2020. Supporters say this ban could save tens of thousands of animal lives each year.

This ban doesn't include products or ingredients where animal testing was done prior to January 1st. But supporters of the "Be Cruelty Free Campaign" are thrilled to see momentum building in the U.S.

Senate Bill 241 made an amendment to the Illinois Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, stating it is unlawful for a manufacturer to import and/or sell cosmetic products tested on animals.

According to The Humane Society of The United States, over 500,000 animals die worldwide every year due to these tests.

"When I first started I had a lot of that information come across my desk and it's honestly kind of hard to look at because animals really do suffer and it's not just the actual testing by the housing and overall care of the animals is really bad." said Kitty Yanko with the Peoria Humane Society

"85 to 90% of the animals that are used in labs are mice and rats, they're at the top. " said Yanko who stated rabbits and guinea pigs are also often used as well as cats and dogs.

"This law will only affect products that are newly put out there, so if it's going out on the shelf in 2020 it can't have been tested on animals." said Yanko

A violator could face an inital fine of $5,000 for the first day they're caught and an additional fine of $1,000 for each day after. These will be enforced by the State's Attorney or municipal attorney of the county or city.

The Humane Society said there are more than a dozen non-animal tests that hundreds of companies already use.

"A lot of the alternative testing methods are cheaper and proven to be more effective in the long run." said Yanko

With more than 30 Countries already banning animal testing, Kitty Yanko hopes this motivates others to step up.

"The goal here is to prevent suffering for the animals so when we know there are other options we want to go ahead and say yes lets do this so we're really excited to see this law come into existence in 2020." said Yanko

Illinois’ law does come with some exceptions, among them when animal testing is needed in connection with a human health problem and suitable non-animal testing isn’t available, cases in which testing is required by a foreign government — as long as none of the evidence from the test is used to substantiate the safety of the product in Illinois — and animal testing done to comply with or respond to certain federal regulations.

Kaitlin Pearson

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