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Police Report Reveals 75-Year-Old Victim Reported Abuse by Caretaker

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Dmitri Rogatchev's bond was set at $2 million. He is alleged to have killed 75-year-old Sandra Jackson. Rogatchev worked as the woman's caretaker.

Peoria Police note finding two reports of abuse in Jackson's medical records, involving Dmitri Rogatchev as the suspect. And a doctor at OSF St. Francis Medical Center had told police that he had started the process of reporting the abuse to the elder abuse hotline.

But the police report says the department did not have any criminal abuse claims involving Rogatchev and Ms. Jackson. In a statement from the hospital, a spokesperson says they would have reported the abuse if deemed necessary.

According to the Journal Star, prosecutors said Rogatchev told police that he struck Jackson in the head several times after she had said something mean.

Originally, Rogatchev told Police that in the early hours of Tuesday morning, Ms. Jackson was dealing with chronic pain, asking for pain killers. Rogatchev said in addition to having a glass and half of wine, she had already taken the prescribed amount. Not long after, she apparently collapsed.

After Jackson was brought to the hospital, doctors told police that a cat scan had revealed a brain bleed--a brain bleed that was apparently too severe to have been caused by a fall. Doctors found no alcohol in the woman's system.

Rogatchev will be in court to enter a plea on January 2.

Andy Weber

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