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Testimony in Ken Cusick murder trial begins, 13 years after his wife’s death

OTTAWA (WEEK) - It has been 13 years since an Ottawa woman's death. Now, her husband is on trial for her alleged murder.

Tracy Cusick, 32, allegedly drowned in her own toilet bowl in 2006, but the defense says it was all because of a drug overdose.

Kenneth Cusick was first indicted for murder in 2017, 11 years after his wife's death. In court Wednesday, he sat with a trash can by his side. It was requested "in case he got sick" as his fellow Ottawa firefighters testified.

In opening statements, the prosecutor told jurors there is no possible way Tracy Cusick could have drowned in her downstairs bathroom without external force. They argued toilet bowls are designed to prevent accidental drownings.

The defense did not address that argument. Instead, they attributed the woman's death to drugs, citing toxicology reports showing a "toxic" amount of methadone in her system. It's a narcotic they say Tracy was never prescribed, and they say alcohol was in her system.

Cusick's now 25-year-old son also testified. He said his mom never randomly passed out, as the defense claimed.

Prosecutors argued her husband might have been motivated by "domestic problems" the two were having at the time.

Despite being a firefighter, Cusick told investigators he did not try to resuscitate his wife when he found her. The defense rebuttaled saying Tracy was already dead.

The trial is expected to last two weeks.

Jason Howell

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