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Neighbors react to car stolen with baby inside

PEORIA (WEEK) – Peoria police are still looking for a man who stole a mini van with an infant inside Sunday morning. Neighbors on the 2400 block of Dechman Avenue are happy the baby was found safely, but they are concerned something like this could happen again.

Police first responded to the stolen vehicle reporter around 9:45 a.m. Officers say the van was left running with the child inside. They found the vehicle in an alley a few blocks away on Gift Avenue, less than an hour later. The baby was still safe inside.

Neighbors say the situation could have been a lot worse.

“Anything could have happened when you take someone’s child,” said concerned resident Sean Haasis. “It scares the mother and parents so bad, you know. We don’t want that kind of behavior over here. We want Dechman Street in Peoria to be safe.”

Haasis says situations like these are depressing and make people second guess if they want to stay in Peoria.

“They all want a safe place to live. People are simple and want to live with their kids being safe and being able to play outside. It’s ridiculous that this element of crime has moved in here,” Haasis said.

The suspect was initially described as a black male wearing a gray hoodie. Anyone with information or home surveillance video should call the Peoria Police Department at (309) 673-4521 or Peoria County Crime Stoppers at (309) 673-9000.

Mike Miletich

10 PM News Producer

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