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Windy & Rainy Conditions Continue

TONIGHT: Rain showers are likely before midnight tonight. You may also hear some rumbling outside from thunder as well during the early evening hours. After midnight,  the chance for rain will calm down but mostly cloudy skies will stay. Wind speeds are also expected to pick up tonight with gusts up to 30 mph. 

TOMORROW: Flurries are possible during the morning hours tom  orrow. Once we get through the morning, isolated rain/snow mix is possible. As we approach closer to the evening hours, the chance for flurries will decrease down, but the chance for rain will remain for the remainder of the day. Little to no snow accumulation is expected. Wind gusts of 30 mph will stay throughout the day as well.

EXTENDED: Come Monday, we will be dry but wind speeds are expected to remain high for the first half of the day. Temperatures will attempt to climb up during the first half of the week, but will not get higher than the 40s. 


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