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“It’s starting to become a part of second nature”: Peoria resident reacts to shots fired on Finnell Ave

Peoria, Ill. (WEEK) – Peoria police responded to shots fired on the 3500 block of Finnell Avenue just 45 minutes after a fatal shooting Saturday night.

Police say no one was hurt on Finnell, but there was damage to several cars on the block. Residents say shootings don’t happen on their block and they don’t know why someone would start shooting at random cars.

They say a silver Honda was driving north on the street and someone started shooting from the backseat.

Maggie Hall says she heard the shots fired and saw the car hit a jeep in front of her house before they drove off and turned left on Leroy Avenue. Hall says police found four shell casings near the front of her driveway.

“It’s starting to become a part of second nature of living in Peoria. Oh well, there’s another shooting. I feel like there’s too much going on of the crime for police to even handle what is going on,” said Hall.

She says officers had to leave the scene on her block to help other officers at the homicide scene on Virden Court. Hall says it’s sad because no one knows who is shooting or why.

“This is our neighborhood. We’ve lived here long enough, I’m not going to go quiet and shut down. My kids were raised here. Our kids still play in these streets. I feel that it was a planned situation and I’m not okay with that,” Hall said.

Hall says if people feel the need to retaliate, the shouldn’t shoot at innocent people or their homes. She hopes some of the recent crimes can be resolved if people speak up.


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