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‘Miracle on Ice’ shows out of control truck nearly hit ISP troopers, motorist

WHITE COUNTY, Ill. (WEEK) – It was a moment where lives were on the line in Southern Illinois after a close call for state troopers and a stranded motorist as a box truck came careening towards them.

Dash cam video from November 12 captures a box truck losing control on an icy highway in Wayne County.

It heads for the driver and the troopers helping change her tire.

For one of the troopers, it was only his ninth day on the job.

“It could happen on day one, so it’s always in the back of your head,” said Trooper Jonathan Pflaum. “But you here these stories, you train for these situations.”

“But there’s still that little part of you that thinks it won’t happen to you.”

“I’m not so much sure how much luck there was,” said Trooper Adam Zimmerman. “But we are blessed, it’s a miracle that nothing did occur.”

No one was seriously hurt, though the driver did injure her arm.

State Police said the video is a cautionary tale to warn drivers to slow down when vehicles are on the side of the road.

In a video on the ISP YouTube page, Peggy and Bud Vaught remet with Troopers Pflaum and Zimmerman.


Jason Howell

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