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A Closer Look at AMT Protocol Following the Death of David Smith

Nearly a month after a Peoria man died after he was found unresponsive, in police custody, 25 News is asking if medical crews followed their own procedures.

David Smith was a suspect in an armed robbery on October 28th. Police found him face down in the 300 block of S. Saratoga Street. Police reports indicate he could only speak his name. But medics wrote he had refused treatment. They then handed him over to police — who later had to try giving him CPR and NARCAN to revive him.

But David Smith died at the hospital the next day. The coroner found he had a heart arrhythmia, marijuana and alcohol in his system. Tonight, a local attorney not affiliated with the case explains what AMT is expected to do with a patient like David Smith.

“They show up and what they’r supposed to do is check vitals and then also orientation times 4, which is basically person, place, time, and situation,” said Hall.

Andy Weber

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