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New South Side market offers food staples, more

PEORIA (WEEK) – Peoria’s South Side has a new business, built by and for families.

Garden Street Market opened up last Friday at 2623 West Garden Street.

“It’s comfortable here,” said owner James Ogle, “We’re polite, and everything we have you can use. It’s not going to be a junk food store.”

They offer quick grocery grabs along with household staples like bread, milk and eggs.

The store is a long time coming, and the Ogle family plans to grow and stay here long term.

“It was kind of like a dream,” Regina Benson-Ogle said.

She and her husband own and work at the store together.

“Like one of those dreams that, ‘Oh, is this dream really going to come true?’ But to like actually have it is awesome,” Benson-Ogle added.

That area has seen a long-standing lack of fresh food options, but this new venture is hoping to change that.

“To lose every store, I mean, there’s no jobs. There’s no businesses here,” Ogle says, “and it just wasn’t right.”

The business is small, and they have a list of items that people have requested.

But there’s one item they don’t plan on stocking.

“We don’t plan on selling liquor. We won’t sell liquor,” the owner said, “You want to have, baby milk. You want to have things that people need.”

Located a few blocks south of Manual Academy, they also accept Link cards.

Jason Howell

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