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New ‘Peoria Made’ space will provide components for entrepreneurial growth

PEORIA (WEEK) – Downtown’s Innovation District announced just last month has a new tenant on the way.

It’s called Peoria Made, located at 315 Main Street.

Members of the Peoria Convention and Visitors Bureau, along with the Peoria Innovation Alliance accepted a $12,500 donation from Wells Fargo.

That money will be used to put on finishing touches on a space that will serve as a new collaborative area with different components:

Peoria Made Retail Incubator: Led by a group of local artists and artisans, the retail incubator will launch with nearly 15 merchants displaying a wide range of tangible goods that are inventive, original, artisan and authentically Peoria.

Downtown Peoria Visitors Center: In collaboration with the Peoria Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, the new Downtown Peoria Visitors Center will feature visitor information and literature, as well as a branded photo opportunity for guests to experience and capture their visit to Peoria.

Podcast Studio: In collaboration with Widecast, the Peoria Made space will feature a small podcast studio aimed at providing early stage entrepreneurs affordable and convenient access to the tools and resources needed to record and produce a simple podcast. Through the Widecast partnership, users will then have an opportunity to enhance their recordings and explore options for wider distribution through various media channels.

Learning Lab:  Entrepreneurial education is an additional strategic initiative of the Peoria Innovation Alliance. The physical learning lab at the Peoria Made space will offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to attend and actively participate in a multitude of classes and workshops aimed at filling current ecosystem gaps as well as creating valuable and practical mentorship opportunities for both mentors and mentees across the region.


It’s designed to spark new ideas and bring local artists together to initiate conversation and spark new local ventures.

“You never know if you’re sitting next to someone that may be your next business partner but they have a completely different background so that’s kind of our hope with this space – that it becomes a place that all kinds of different groups can get together, strike up a conversation and maybe find an opportunity to work together or even just become friends,” said Jake Hamann, Executive Director of the Peoria Innovation Alliance.

The space has been in the making for the past seven years on Main Street.

The doors will open within the next few weeks.

Jason Howell

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