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Stuff-A-Bus Food Drive gets some extra help from local Ghostbusters

The 32nd annual Stuff-A-Bus Food Drive to benefit the Peoria Friendship House has been underway most of this Fall season, but they had a little extra help on Sunday from the Central Illinois Ghostbusters.

CityLink has hosted the Stuff-A-Bus Food Drive for over three decades to help eliminate hunger in Peoria with a long partnership with Kroger to collect enough food to stuff a classic CityLink bus.

The Central Illinois Ghostbusters wanted to do their part.

“This is our way of giving back to the community and just enjoying what we do. We all dress up and make our own gear and have our own Ecto.” said Bobby Irving, one of their members

The Ghostbusters goal is to brighten the days of those they meet.

“Especially the kids they get all bright eyed and stuff and that’s what makes us happy is seeing them and even adults they just get this glow.”  said Irving

The donations collected during the annual food drive benefit the food pantry at the Peoria Friendship House of Christian Service.

Since January of this year, that food pantry has provided weekly meals to 40-50 families who are dealing with hunger in Peoria.

“We’re helping feed people in need and that’s what we want because everybody needs a little help every so often that’s why we’re trying to make sure everybody is fed so they’re not starving during the holidays.” said Irving

The goal this year is to collect 11 tons of food, and the Ghostbusters know Central Illinois is up for the challenge.

“We’re ready to believe you!”

Kaitlin Pearson

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