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Friends of Kayla Fannon continue marching to raise domestic violence awareness

PEORIA (WEEK) — Friends and family of a domestic violence victim gathered outside the Peoria Police station again today, something they promised to do every month.

Kayla Fannon died at the hands of her ex-boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.

Ever since, her loved ones march every month on the fourteenth. They wear purple – the color of domestic violence awareness.

And until Fannon is “given justice,” they say they’ll continue marching.

But above all, their goal is to raise awareness.

One of Fannon’s friends, Randie Southey, wants to make sure people acknowledge how serious domestic violence is.

“Domestic violence is no joke. And there’s many women out here that have this problem, that’s facing it,” Southey said. “We’re basically here to help support the awareness that it is happening – every day – and we do need to take it seriously.”

Fannon’s loved ones welcome anyone to join them in future marches.

If you or someone you know is facing domestic violence, you can contact the Center for Prevention of Abuse at 1-800-559-SAFE.

Caroline Todd

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