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Early winter temps, demand for heating fuels prompts emergency declaration

(WEEK) – Illinois is one of eight states under a regional emergency declaration when it comes to the transportation of propane.

At the request of Governor JB Pritzker, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration granted the declaration to help keep homes warm and to dry wet grain, according to a release from the Illinois Department of Agriculture and Illinois Emergency Management Agency.

This permits the transportation of propane, natural gas and heating oil used for heating homes and businesses and drying wet grain.

Demand is high and supplies are low due to delivery issues caused by early winter weather conditions and high moisture grain. This declaration addresses the emergency conditions creating a need for immediate transportation of heating fuel,
including propane, natural gas and heating oil, and provides necessary relief

By execution of this emergency declaration, motor carriers and drivers providing direct assistance to the emergency in the affected states in direct support of relief efforts related to the transportation of heating fuel, including propane, natural gas, and heating oil, are granted emergency relief from Parts 390 through 399 of Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations except as restricted herein, according to the FMCSA.

“Farmers are struggling to dry high moisture grain caused by wet weather and delayed harvest,” said John Sullivan, Director of the Illinois Department of Agriculture. “Propane is an essential fuel for corn dryers in Illinois and across the Midwest.”

“2019 has already been a stressful growing and harvest season for farmers. Governor Pritzker, as well as the Illinois Propane Gas Association have made sure we have the resources to help farmers with this declaration.”

Those who use propane and fuel oil to heat their homes also are at risk in a shortage, particularly
with the early onset of winter temperatures.

Other states in the declaration include Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wisconsin.


Jason Howell

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