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Chiefs En El Rio De Peoria in 2020

If you like the Peoria Chiefs, you’ll get a chance to check out “En El Rio de Peoria”, a larger Hispanic outreach effort planned for the 2020 season.

The team had 13 Latino players last season, the most ever.

So, in this next year, five games will feature a different name for the team, “En El Rio de Peoria” at Dozer Park.

It’s part of the larger “Fun Cup” program that will mean special events and special uniforms and giveaways at most minor league parks this summer.

The team worked with the Greater Peoria Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on themes and entertainment.

“It’s really kind of to show and recognize the contributions that they do both on the baseball teams and in the community. So, I think it’s a very generous offer that they are doing this,” said Jim Montelongo, a board member at the Hispanic chamber and a Peoria city councilman.

The Chiefs plan to unveil the jerseys and hats in March.

The special games will be played once a month in May, June, July, August and September.

92 of the 162 minor league teams are participating.

Tyler Lopez

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