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Quest Charter Academy responds to Monday’s PPS charter approval

PEORIA (WEEK) — Quest Charter Academy was given a lifeline at Monday’s Peoria Public Schools board meeting, when the board unanimously voted to approve a two-year agreement.

In a statement Tuesday, Quest officials said the school will prove itself within the next two school years.

“On behalf of Quest parents, students, teachers, staff, administration and the Board of Directors, I want to thank the Peoria Public Schools Board of Directors and Superintendent for their deliberation and consideration of the Quest Charter School Reauthorization Proposal,” said Glen Ross, president of the board.

The two-year agreement acts as a probationary period for Quest. it was one of three options presented to the board Monday. The other two — a denial of the charter or a five-year agreement — were not approved.

In the statement, officials said “it will be necessary for the Quest Board to better understand the follow-up implications of a temporary renewal on the best interests of the students and their families who choose quest.”

The agreement approved Monday grants the board the ability to revoke the charter before the term ends or to not renew the charter at the end of the two years if performance does not improve during this time.

Drew Veskauf

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