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Local Police test new “Remote Handcuffs”

PEORIA (WEEK) — Wrap Technologies says the Bola Wrap 100 provides officers with a restraint that can be used when verbal commands do not work and when lethal action is not required. The idea Tuesday was to see if departments in Central Illinois think they want to buy the wrap.

While it may sound or even kick back like a gun, the makers of the Bola Wrap 100 say it is no firearm. They bill the small device as remote handcuffs.

When fired, the Bola Wrap launches an eight-foot Kevlar wire equipped with 2 small hooks. If fired at a person within 10-25 feet, a suspect or person in need of help can be restrained for a short time. The company says the device is pretty much pain free, comparable to a slap.

“It’s main purpose is deescalate situations and resolve them before it rises to the level where they have to use other options,” said Rick Guilbault with Wrap Technologies.

Deer Creek Police Chief Bradley Potts says the Bola Wrap could serve them well when trying to restrain a person experiencing a mental health event.

“It’s better for the people, all they need is help, they don’t need to be arrested, they don’t need to go to jail, they just need to get help but sometimes its hard to get them to that point,” said Potts.

Potts says the tool could also work as a second pair of hands when responding to different calls.

“We only have one person on at a time, so this will give us another option to control people,” added Potts.

The company says the Bola Wrap was effective in three real world situations it knows of. On their website, they claim demand is strong, listing over 1100 agencies in the US as either buying the device or asking for a demo.

Andy Weber

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