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Snow season: Drive slow and stay aware on the roads

Peoria, Ill. (WEEK) – Snow caused several accidents across the Heart of Illinois Monday morning. Trucks from Peoria Public Works were out salting and plowing all day.

Superintendent of Operations Sie Maroon says this wasn’t an intense snow storm, but people still need to adjust their driving. He says the high winds and dropping temperature make a big difference.

Maroon also says everyone should slow down when they see tow trucks or plows.

“The worst thing you can do is get hung up with a plow truck and then that of course sets us back because now we have a truck that’s not on the route,” said Maroon. “It’s going to cause more issues on those streets that the truck should be covering. So just give space and be cautious and give us the room we need to work.”

Maroon says drivers should expect to be on the roads longer to get from one place to another. He says it is much better to take your time and be safe than end up in an accident.

The department has noticed a number of people still driving like it is summer or fall. But, they note that you should adjust your speed when the weather changes. Maroon says drivers should also think twice before they decide to change lanes to get past slower cars.

“If you find that it’s wet in one lane and snow packed in another, just be cautious making that switch because when you’re going from one to the other, your tires and wheels can give out,” said Maroon.

Maroon says drivers can have a checklist including tire pressure, windshield wipers and car batteries before we get too far into the winter storm season. If you end up in an accident or get stalled on the road, Maroon says it is best to stay in your vehicle until police or a tow truck is there with you.


Mike Miletich

10 PM News Producer

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