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Peoria’s veterans honored with parade

PEORIA (WEEK) – Despite the harsh weather people still filled out the sidewalks in Peoria to honor area veterans.

Windshield wipers and gloves were part of today’s festivities, along with an honor guard, local leaders and veterans paying tribute to those able to attend – and those that have paid the ultimate price.

“Today is a day for us that’s important so we can remember everyone – not just us but our brothers and sisters and for them to come out in weather like this…it’s just amazing,” said Iraq war veteran Jason Brown. “Now that I get to celebrate this for the ones that are here and the ones that didn’t come back it’s important to me that all those veterans get together today.”

Peoria Christian High School also honored the nation’s military, with a speaker, singing and an empty table for prisoners of war.

One young man reflected on his brother, as he serves with the Air National Guard in Peoria.


Jason Howell

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