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New McLean County art exhibit tackles racism, diversity and cultural conflict

McLean County is a large community filled with diversity; from race and gender to culture and religion.

But those differences weren’t always welcome and sometimes led to conflict.

That’s why the McLean County Museum of History has created a new exhibit to highlight a ‘Community in Conflict.

It’s the newest addition to their display titled ‘Challenges, Choices and Change.’

Museum Curator Susan Hartzold says it’s imperative residents explore the events that many in the United States may not be proud of because it is still a part of history.

“It really is very telling about the things that are happening in the community. As you fill in the exhibit with all those other aspects, it creates a big picture.” Hartzold shared.

She says she hopes the exhibit will start a conversation about ignorance, racism and hate from the past as a way to illustrate how far the country has come since.

Visit McLean County Museum of History at 200 N. Main Street in Bloomington to see this exhibit.

Lauren Melendez

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