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Author, speaker addresses faults in current definition of poverty

PEORIA (WEEK) – A group sat down in Peoria today to talk about a need to redefine poverty.

Author and doctor Brian Fikkert spoke at Bradley University; some of his books include “When Helping Hurts” and “Becoming Whole.”

His message is that being better, more compassionate neighbors is the start and that friendliness can go further than a handout.

“The story of change and the story of how we can move from poverty to poverty alleviation is a bigger story than just things,” he said. “And it certainly doesn’t come with handouts or those things.”

“But it really is a relational issue.”

Three ministries in Peoria helped bring Fikkert to the River City – The Southside Mission, Dream Center Peoria and Peoria Rescue Ministries.

Jason Howell

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