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Don’t be a Vicki: Tazewell County Drug Court graduates offers advice to those struggling

TAZEWELL COUNTY (WEEK) — Don’t be a Vicki: That is what one Tazewell County Drug Court graduate implored of her fellow program members at her graduation ceremony Wednesday.

After 34 months Vicki Crum is done with drug court and she said she is ready to stay on the straight and narrow.

“I want people to look at me and not, don’t be a Vicki,” Crum said. “I worked for this. I worked hard. You can have fun. You don’t need any substance to have fun. I’m really proud of myself and I owe a lot to my higher power.”

The program has been in the county since 2011 and helps people get out of the criminal justice system and back into society, sober.

“We run an evidence-based program here meaning everything we do has been tried and tested throughout many, many drug courts throughout the whole country,” Tazewell County Judge Michael Risinger said. “This the greatest day a judge could ever have so I wish it was graduation every week.”

Crum joined the program after being in and out of prison for most of her life. She describes herself as a “hardcore drug user for 46 years.”

“I chose to not do that again, no institutions. I’m a walking miracle,” she said.

“There really is hope, there really is you really can change. Don’t be a Vicki, you can do it too. It works if you work it but you got to work it.”

Stephanie Rodriguez

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