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Using her diagnosis to help others, Peoria woman to host ‘Be the Match’ event

A potentially life shattering diagnosis turned into motivation to help others. A Peoria woman is hosting a ‘Be the Match’ event at the Greater Peoria YMCA on  Wednesday.

While many might say ‘Why me?’ when diagnosed with a rare bone marrow cancer, Marsha Krone continued to fight on, choosing to make the most of the life she has been given.

A mother of three, grandmother of two, lover of sewing, and teacher for over 30 years, Marsha Krone had a lot to smile about. Until an existing blood disorder threatened to steal her joy.

“I went to the Mayo Clinic and they did a bone marrow biopsy and they told me that yes, you have progressed to Myelofibrosis. And so what that means is my bone marrow is essentially turning hard.” said Marsha Krone, diagnosed in 2016

Krone needs a stem cell transplant. Her sister’s were not a match. Despite millions of donors being listed on the registry she is still waiting for the perfect stranger. However of the ten markers needed to match, two are extremely rare, making it difficult, but not impossible to find one.

Her hope comes from faith.

“I can’t write my story because he writes my story and I just can choose how I’m going to live it. So I choose joy.” said Krone

As an ambassador for ‘Be the Match’ she has put on numerous events, including the one coming up at the Greater Peoria YMCA where she’s been a member for many years.

“We talked about how could we help in this way and she said well let’s hold a match event and try to get as many people engaged as we possibly can. She’s not doing this for herself, she’s doing this for everyone out there that needs to find a match” said President and CEO of the Greater Peoria YMCA, Andy Thornton

The process is simple. You swab your cheek for DNA, provide your contact information, and join the registry where you could match anyone in the world for stem cells and bone marrow.

“If someone else was matched from a drive we promoted, that would be really exciting for me to know that I was the go between to helping someones life be saved.” said Krone.

The event takes place Wednesday 11/6 from 3 – 7 P.M. at The Greater Peoria YMCA 


Kaitlin Pearson

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