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McLean County YWCA receives $40K donation used for new bus

MCLEAN COUNT (WEEK) — A child service group in McLean County received a sizable donation to pay for a new bus recently.

The YWCA recently received a $40,000 donation from an anonymous donor. They’re working to leverage that money to match further donations to purchase a second bus.

“We are a very spread out community. And so, transportation is an issue people are always struggling with. We hope this is one of the ways we can make sure that our services are accessible to all people,” said Liz German, iterim CEO of the YWCA McLean County.

The organization uses the buses to get kids from 15 locations to their Young Wonders Learning Center in Bloomington.

If the YWCA in McLean County can raise $40,000, both buses will be paid for. Their Young Wonders Program serves more than 600 kids each year.

Drew Veskauf

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