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McLean County Health Department introduces alternative program to end teen vaping

The Illinois Department of Public Health said E-Cigarette use by High School Seniors is higher than cigarette use was 10 years ago. So McLean County is partnering with local High Schools to cut that number.

A new program called “In-depth” is an alternative to suspension for those caught smoking, vaping, or dipping tobacco products. It includes four sessions which take place during school lunch covering everything from addiction to health risks.

The McLean County Health Department tells us this is vital, especially with vaping because a recent study by The State Health Department showed 40% of High School Seniors thought there was little to no risk if they used E-Cigarettes.

Currently operating at Bloomington High School, the “In-depth” program aims to get to the core of the issue, helping the students figure out why they choose to vape.

“Students will be able to recognize the different activities that trigger them wanting to use tobacco and nicotine products, but then also it educates them at the end , the fourth session, how to look at the bigger picture and understand how it’s harmful to use vaping products.” said Dion McNeal, the McLean county communications specialist

Since the 24th of this month, there have been 153 cases of lung injury reported in Illinois including two deaths.

3 to 6 of those cases were in Peoria County, another 3 to 6 in Tazewell County and less than 3 in Woodford. There have been no reported cases in McLean County.


Kaitlin Pearson

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