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7 years of free lights and music: Morton’s Lights on Main Street

MORTON (WEEK) — Every year in Morton, the folks at 707 South Main Street light up the night for a spooky show. Over the last 7 years, Lights on Main Street has become a tradition in the city. The display attracts dozens of cars packed with families nearly every night during the month of October.

“Oh we love it, we bring our kids, sometimes we’ll bring some popcorn and pop and just sit here for 30 minutes,” said Morton resident Tim Mueller.

This is the display has featured music, broadcast over FM. Just like the light, its all free of charge.

“We very much appreciate it, we’ve got five kids, its entertainment for us, free entertainment for us. Who can beat that,” added Mueller.

Tom Godfrey is the mastermind behind the spooktacular show.

“”Big reason we continue and grow with it is we see how much the community loves and how much the neighborhood children and just the kids in the city and the parents in the city enjoy it,” said Godfrey.

But creating the show that can be seen today required Godfrey to do a lot of homework, including “YouTube and a lot of time just researching online.”

And a lot of manual labor as well.

“Yeah so it’s a lot of just testing out, so I spend a lot of time carrying the stuff onto the roof, and getting everything connected and hooked up,” he added.

But Godfrey says it’s worth it, especially if it means creating memorable moments for his neighbors.

Andy Weber

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