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You Gotta Eat: Cummins Family Restaurant

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EAST PEORIA (WEEK) – For decades, Cummins Family Restaurant has been serving customers with breakfast, lunch and dinner – as well as very friendly service.

And people love it so much that they’re expanding.

When Larry and Jesse walked into the Cummins in East Peoria, they immediately knew there was something special about the atmosphere.

It’s more of a home away from home, then a restaurant.

Manager Sheryl Maher has been working at Cummins for over a decade.

She said there’s something special about the relationship they have with their customers.

Carol Milloy is a regular.

On the day Larry and Jesse visited, she gathered with some friends for breakfast, which she highly recommends.

“Eggs, sausage, potatoes and toast…but I like other things too,” she said. “I like their French toast, their pancakes…”

Milloy said pretty much everything on the breakfast menu is a winner.

Breakfast may have been Carol’s meal of choice on this particular day, but she’s always up for lunch or dinner too.

For instance, the burgers – which you can get charbroiled.

“Their bacon cheeseburgers are great,” Milloy said. “They are great.”

“And their tenderloins are great!”

So when it was our time to order, Larry decided to go with what everyone raves about…

The tenderloin.

Would you look at that…

Jesse was in a breakfast mood and decided on a huge breakfast burrito with hashbrowns.

However, he also wanted to try the pancakes, so a side of those were also ordered.

Leftovers were an obvious thing.

Also, most of their breakfast options are available all day.

They’re also known for dinner specials like fried chicken and meatloaf – as well as the friendly staff.

“We say that they’re like family,” said Sheryl Maher. “When they come back time after time, we get to know their names, we know about their kids, we know about their grandkids.”

That service goes a long way.

“We have people come in, ‘oh, you don’t have this pie today?’ Let me know,” she said. “I’ll make it tomorrow or the next time you’re in.”

Talk about made-to-order.

So whether breakfast, lunch or dinner…

You gotta eat.

Jason Howell

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