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Pekin tattoo shop owner hides money at Mineral Springs Park

PEKIN (WEEK) – Many people have called, emailed, messaged wondering about a scavenger hunt in Pekin.

People have taken to Mineral Springs Park in hopes of finding some hidden cash.

Local tattoo artist Josh Ray posted on Facebook, saying simply that money was hidden in the park along with a gift card to his shop, Insane Ink Tattoos.

Ray said it’s an amount between $500 and $2,000.

He said it’s not fake and that the money comes from the tips at his shop.

It’s also the fourth and biggest one he’s done.

“Just like giving back to the community, I like to help people out especially this time of year around the holidays,” he said. “Sometimes money’s tight, you know money like this goes a long way for somebody in need.”

“It’s probably enough to pay somebody’s rent.”

“If anything, it’s been a god excuse to get people out of their houses,” said employee Andrew Kemp. “It’s starting to get cold, you know.”

A post on Facebook from the park district police asked people to be out of the park by closing time – 11:30 p.m.

Ray said next year he will notify the park district before he does this again.

As for where the money is, Ray said it’s not hard to find and that you really don’t need any clues.

Checking with him just before the newscast, no one has found it.

Jason Howell

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