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Peoria firefighters remember their fallen in somber ceremony

PEORIA (WEEK) – You could feel the somberness in the air around City Hall and the Civic Center as Peoria firefighters honored their fallen today.

The annual tribute remembers the 16 firefighters who have died in the line of duty, dating back to the 1800s.

Members of many fire departments from across the state also attended the ceremony.

Peoria Fire Department Chief d Olehy said it’s a testament to the sense of family across departments.

“A lot of these members are from other towns and they know that same brotherhood,” he said. “They know that same feeling, they have those same issues in their cities.”

“Everywhere we go, it doesn’t matter. If you have that emblem on your shirt, you can walk into any firehouse in the country and you’ll be welcomed.”

The last Peoria firefighter to die in the line of duty died in 1983.

Jason Howell

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