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Democratic presidential candidate says she will ‘make America united again’

PEORIA (WEEK) — Democratic presidential candidate Christin Powers stopped by our studios to talk about her campaign and plans for the country.

The Detroit native is running out of South Florida on a health care platform. Powers is a scientist and physical therapist who says she plans to beat President Trump by using her medical background.

She claims her background is far more advanced than the presidents and gives her the tools to combat everything from mental health to farming.

“We’ll take a little bit of money from the department of defense to defend the American farmer. I want to speed up the process of hyper-production from corn that’s manufactured that turned into ethanol. With everything happening in Washington right now, it’s just creating an aggressive society that is focused on hate,” she said.

Though she claims her campaign is underrated because she has never actually held a political office she said she is focused on her campaign mission to “make America happy and united again.”

Stephanie Rodriguez

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