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Families make memories, help others during Bed Blitz

Normal, Ill. (WEEK) – Many families in Central Illinois don’t have beds for their children, but groups in the Twin Cities have been working to change that.

Coming together as a community, one bed frame at a time. Volunteers with the West Bloomington Revitalization Project Tool Library and YouthBuild take a lot of pride in their work.

“I can’t imagine my grandchild not being able to sleep on a bed. She’s fortunate enough to have a bed,” said WBRP Board Member Robert Bosquez. “Let’s keep on doing this program.”

The groups welcomes volunteers of all ages. Eliana has been helping with the Bed Blitz since she was six years old.

“It’s awesome,” said Eliana Heeren. “The Bed Blitz is just more than I could imagine because at first maybe 50 people would come held and now there’s like 200 people that help every hour. It’s amazing.”

Heeren has received an appropriate nickname over the years too, serving as the Mattress Queen.

“I take three or four mattresses and I take them outside and then people take them and put them in their truck or car and put the wood in there so they can make their bed,” said Heeren.

There are always plenty of first-timers helping out too.

“This is something I wanted to do with my kids for a long time and my boys are old enough now that it feels like we can get them out here building things and it’s been awesome and great to do it with them,” said Rich Sealy.

Family bonding with a lesson of caring for others.

“I know there’s been times in my life where I’ve needed help and it’s a real blessing to give back to people. I’m really grateful,” said Sealy.

That feeling even stronger for the Gonzales family making a bed for their son to take home.

“I know it will mean a lot to him that he actually got to help build the bed that he is going to be sleeping on,” said Megan Gonzales. “He’s very excited.”

Organizers say they had 80 bed frames ready for families and they hope to give out 20 more sets over the next few months. Besides the bed frames, every family gets a special bed set, teddy bear, laundry detergent and books.



Mike Miletich

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